Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners- Complete Guide

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Hunting can be exciting and addictive, and at times, it is tough and cumbersome, especially if you have no idea regarding it. A good strategy will consume less time ad at times, without proper tips, luring a gobbler can take you hours.  Turkey hunting depends on the bird itself as well as the situation.  This article highlights some of the of turkey hunting for tips for beginners to get started with: Spring is around the corner, and all hunters are now returning to their neon green fields as well as woods. Their focal point being turkey hunting; it is becoming a hobby, they are addicted, and they find it too enjoyable to let go. It is worth mentioning that turkey hunting can go wrong or right.  Did you know that turkey hunting is one of the most thrilling experiences that hunters ever experience? All in all, turkey hunting tests your ability not only as a hunter but also as an outdoorsman. Do you really have what it takes to become a perfect and satisfied turkey hunter this season?  Read through and learn more regarding the best turkey hunting tips for beginners.

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Consult with an expert hunter

Before you gear up and embark on turkey hunting as a beginner, it important that you consult with an expert. You can go hunting together while you learn on the new tricks.  While they concentrate on the surrounding, you can call the turkeys.  Did you know that having someone call the gobblers from thirty yards behind the shooter is an added advantage?  Uniting, alongside an expert, will equip you with good knowledge and skills that will change your hunting experience.

Exploit the seasonal benefits

There are different seasons of which some work well for turkey hunting while others do good for other forms of hunting. Spring is the best turkey hunting period as this is the time that they mate and breed; hence it is easy to catch them.  Keep in mind that this season has a longer daytime than other seasons hence hunters find more time to strategize. This is the time that you will find gobblers loitering around to entice their partners.  A good hunter will take advantage of the two mentioned characteristics and achieve the best results.  As a matter of fact, this is the time that the turkeys will readily respond to the calls since they are looking for their mates.

Identify the hunting grounds​

Learn more about the existence of turkeys in specific, areas as well as season.  The birds flock a lot in open fields as well as a roost in their nests during the spring season.  Keep in mind that turkeys are available in both private and public land.

Consult with the state wildlife agency regarding the population distribution of turkeys across the world. You can make good use of the maps and the website.

Setting up your trap prior to sunrise

It is worth mentioning that turkeys are quite nervous; hence you should rich your hunting site an hour to sunrise.  According to novice hunters, turkeys are always in their roost during nightfall, and they won’t run away in case of anything.

Gear up for a perfect hunt

Apart from good timing and season, you should also ensure that you are in the right hunting attire.  A perfect gear helps hunters here and there ng the entire hunting process.  There are a lot of accessories that are required, such as decoys, maps, vests, snacks, flashlights, video camera, water, face mask, and box calls, to mention but a few. A good secret to successful hunting is being well-equipped.

Learn their behavior

This is not optional; you have to study their habit as well as the season. Find out why turkeys fly down from their roots after sunrise as well as when they mate.

Turkeys also have pecking orders whereby they will challenge each other to find out that is the toughest, second best, and third-best in that order.  Keep in mind that males challenge themselves separately as well as females.

Be well equipped with the right weapons

Different weapons have been used successfully towards turkey hunting.  Amongst these weapons are hunting bows and shotguns. These shotguns come with different specifications.  Beginners can use A12 gauge, while expert hunters can use 18-20 gauge. When using a bow to hunt, a hunter must aim at the wings to that the bird cannot be able to escape. There is nothing as discouraging as missing a target after aiming and shooting.

Choosing a Bird

In case a flock of birds approach you, make up your mind in time and pick up one turkey.

Shot Placement

Shotgun users should opt for headshots only.  Beginners should also consider taking a shot 45 yards away. In cases of gobblers, it is advisable that you want until they pop their heads up before taking a shot.

Turkey hunting tips for Beginners

Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners

Scout the hunting area prior to hunting season

This can be done 10-14 days before the season. Do it before the sun rises to be able to identify where turkeys are coming from and heading to.  You can also consider this aspect during the time that the birds are preparing to roost. Monitoring their movements before hunting gives you the best chances of placing your blind.

Put on the right clothing

Turkey hunting does not only entail being seated in a blind but the right attire. Try to camouflage to suit the foliage that is surrounding you.  a dark attire in a blind will produce a shadow figure when the windows are opened. This will alert the turkey, and you won’t be able to catch them. The right attire enables you to hunt both on the ground and in a blind.

Position turkey decoys outside the blind

Expert hunters can do without decoys, but for beginners, you should consider them. It is said that during the spring season, putting into place a hen decoy with a Jake will definitely lure a tom. Find realistic how to scout for turkey decoys and make them sit out. Put two to four hens with full strutting tom as well as jack decoy outside.  This idea helps in attracting more decoys.

Use the right turkey hunting ca​lls

It is worth mentioning that there is a wide selection of turkey calls such as locator, push-button, box call, diaphragms, and fiction, among others.  Learn more about these calls by doing a lot of practice. Choose what works best for you.

What is must-have gear for wild turkey hunting?

 Full Camouflage

You need suitable camouflage clothing based on the foliage of the surrounding.  This should also apply to the face and the hands. Find the right mask as well as gloves for your hands. Camouflaging is a necessity in turkey hunting tips for beginners.  Remember that these birds have sharp eyes; hence you are likely to fail without the right attire.  Find the best camouflage jacket, pair of gloves, pants, and shirt as well as a face mask.  In places where there is a lot of grass and trees, the color green is the best. Grey and brown will do you good in places with little foliage.

Best Turkey Hunting Vest

When you are into wild turkey hunting, lots of gears is definitely no exception.  You require a space for your water, snacks, calls, maps, decoys, strikers as well as flashlights, to mention but a few.  Find a quality turkey vest that is well designed to secure all the hunting basics and enable you to stay organized for the rest of your hunting ordeal.

Turkey Hunting boots

It is also important to note that wild turkeys roam quite a lot; hence you will have a lot of distance to cover.  Having the right pair of hunting boots in your possession is an added advantage. First, find out more about the terrain you are likely to cover as some are full of snakes, whereas others are wet.  Most hunters out there prefer calf-high rubber boots to others as they keep their feet dry and comfortable.

Hunting Shotgun

How can you bring down wild turkeys? Well, traditionally, wild turkeys are normally brought down using a shotgun.  That is why most hunters have special turkey guns at their disposal. This gun kills instantly; it dismantles the spine and breaks the nervous system.  Choose a gun that has a non-reflective finish, fit well, aim, and boom!

Turkey Call Box

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of calls that will help you lure the turkeys. Learn the tricks and techniques, practice, and choose the best that works for you. Novice turkey hunters are advised to carry out research regarding various calls available in the market. They should also do a lot of practice using a wide selection of these calls and choose the best that works best for them. One of the best calls for new hunters is the box calls

What are the steps used to hunt turkey?

As discussed beforehand, hunting wild turkeys can be enjoyable, addictive, and engaging.  Here is a step to step illustration on how to hunt turkey in the fall

Consult with hunting fanatics

You can be successful, and at times, you can also fail while hunting turkeys. Therefore having mentioned this, you should consult with hunting aficionados regarding the grounds to cover. This helps in saving time and equips you with new skills.

Be on time

Study the area and set up your trap early enough. The best time to hunt turkey during sunrise as they seem lazy and vulnerable.

Make a call

Make good use of your call to lure the turkeys. Listen to different recordings of turkey calls and choose one that best works for you. 

Take cover

Prepare the ground or the blind and camouflage. Make sure that you stay as invisible as possible so that turkeys do not recognize you when they draw nearer. Cover all parts of your body, including your face.

Place your decoy

Choose your target


While some hunters give the birds a cluck to draw their attention, you should shoot the bird at 45 degrees to pop up their heads. Factors that make turkey hunting seamless

  • Always be prepared. Carry out research on turkey hunting as well as terrain and get the facts right before hunting.
  • Be discipline; make sure that you are prompt all the steps as required. Do not hurry, and do not leave any table unturned.
  • Be safe, wear the right attire, learn how to handle your firearms properly, and review all the hunting regulations before hunting season.

how to turkey hunt for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the best gun that beginners can use in turkey hunting?

Ans: Beginners should opt for the shot gun, A12, and should take a shot 45 yards away.

Q: Must beginner hunters camouflage?

Ans: Yes, all hunters must wear clothes that blend into the environment

Q: Is there the best time to hunt turkey?

Ans: no, turkey can be done at any time of the day, but everyone out there wants to get the best shot always. That is why opting for sunrise when the turkeys are lazy is the best time.

Q: What type of decoys is best suited for wild turkey hunting?

Ans: well, it all depends on what you want to use. First, do research on the available decoys and choose one that best works for you.

Q: is shotgun the only recommended gun for turkey hunting?

Ans: No, any other guns can be used. It all depends on your ability and skills.

Wrapping It Up

The above-mentioned tip should be of great help not only for novice hunters but the experts as well. Hunting is not easy, but it is quite enjoyable and engaging once you master the art. Take your time to learn, read about the birds, guns, and any other tip that will make your turkey hunting experience exciting.

Hunting birds is more complicated than there types of hunting. It requires dedication, patience, keeping time, and the best shot. A shot right on the head will pop it up hence stay focused.

All in all, make sure that you are in the right attire. Protect yourself from other dangers such as snakes and make sure that you camouflage according to the surrounding foliage.


There is no doubt that turkey hunting is the most exciting hunting that one can ever experience.   It is enjoyable and sometimes very addicting. On the other hand, it can be the worst experience especially for new hunters when they go hunting, and they are not successful. That is why they need the tricks mentioned above and tips for beginner turkey hunting. There is no doubt that if the points mentioned above are followed to the later, then be sure that you will bring home a gobbler.

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