How To Sight In A Bow What You Need To Know

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How to sight in a bow in a bow is quite challenging. Many people have to find sighting a bow impossible mainly because they haven’t taken their time to learn it.

Are you interested in sighting in a bow?

Do not panic as there is an easy way to do this, and this article focuses on the same.

It does not matter whether it is a new rest; a variety of arrows is just a new sight; all you need to learn is how to sight a bow. If you opt for different gear, then this can interfere with your accuracy; hence you need to adjust the sight.

Studies show that long use of sights will ensure accuracy. In order to be successful in archery, you can only be successful if you are patient and must have practiced how to set up a bow correctly.

The Basics of Bow Sights

If you are using sights for the first time, your arrow groupings will not be that perfect.  You must then consider fundamentals such as shot sequence and shooting stance. Even after mastering the shot sequence, you need to take your time to learn how to aim with a sight.

If you are mounting your sight on a bow for the first time, your shots will not be in line with your sight.  You will have to consider the front as well as that aperture that is in between your eye and the target in order to adjust the sight to be in line.

How To Sight In A Compound Bow

Types of sights

Complex five-pin sights with fiber optics for low light

Single pin sight

Leveling meters

Windage sights

Factors that affect your shows

Bow speed

Arrow flexibility

Distance from the target

Wind and humidity

Quick Guide on How to Sight In a Bow

 Shoot 3 arrows at 5 yards

It is important to start off at a closer distance, especially if you are using new equipment. Shoot the first three arrows on the ground, 5 yards away. Use the same arrows when sighting in. Aim at the dead center in all the three shots.

In case your first arrow misses the target, do not continue, stop and check your sight as well as rest. They should be properly attached. Find out why your arrow missed the target. Move your pin towards the direction that you missed. In simple reality, if you shot the ground under the target, it means that your sight is way too high. Move the sight pin down. You can adjust the sight pin a little bit then shoot an arrow. Try this as many times until you hit the target then sight in the bow.

How To Sight In A Compound Bow Video

Mark sight starting point

Did you know that most sights have measurement markings? Stick a small piece of tape near your measurements to mark them.  Mark every time you make an adjustment in case the pin or the aperture is moved.

 Shoot 3 at 10 yards

After hitting on your target on 5 yards severally, it is now time to consider 3 shots at 10 yards away.

 Start adjusting one direction only

Those who are in group 4 inches left of the center, as well as 2 inches high, should begin adjusting their sight left. Maintain left/right adjustments until you are centered then consider moving on to up/down adjustments.

Shoot 3 at 10 until centered both ways

Make sure that you make small adjustments after each grouping as you move the sight pin towards the grouping until they are centered.

Sight in at 15 then consider 20 yards

Move your target out to 15 the 20 yards as you check the groping if they are still centered.

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