How Much Meat From A Deer? What You Need To Know

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Have you ever tasted the venison?  According to hunters, the meat acquired from the deer is a bonus to the hard and cumbersome process of hunting.   Are you working with limited space in your freezer? I know by now you are looking for answers to the question, “How much meat from a deer?” This article mainly pays attention to the same, read ahead to find out more;

How much is the venison?

The calculation is done after considering the lean, fat as well as the boneless venison. According to research, after putting everything together, you are likely to end up with 50% of the field dressed weight.

Are you hunting a deer for the first time but do not know how much it weighs?  An average deer weighs 150 pounds. In most cases, hunters have recorded an average weight of 100 pounds.  This can go up and sometimes down as their weight depends on their location. It is worth mentioning that whitetail deer are small in size compared to others.

Did you know that bigger bucks can weigh up to 300 pounds?  Keep in mind that hunting the bucks is quite complicated, especially for the novice hunters.  Many hunters have seen and heard of the bucks, but no one has managed to bring one home.

Keep in mind that field dressing reduces the deer weight by 20%.   This process involves cutting and getting rid of the inwards so that the meet can be well packed.  As mentioned earlier, the actual percentage weight of a normal deer will vary from one to another.  In other words, we can say that the estimated weight of the venison yield of a deer is about 30% of its liv weight.

The Flaw of Crunching the Numbers

While some people have a certain equation or the amount of venison that they are likely to get from a deer, there are a number of additional aspects that must be considered in the real world.  It is not simple math of taking out your calculator and finding out the sum of the weight.

Keep in mind that there must be wastes regardless of how good or bad a butcher is.  The butcher might trim too close to the meat and get rid of some fat. This will definitely take off a few percentile points of the weight.

It is advisable that hunters should practice how to slaughter a deer so that they do not have to hire the services of a butcher.

Some deer are plump and do not have enough meet while others are just ‘buffer’ and have more meat.

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What is math?

After considering several factors that we have discussed, it is easy to come up with an equation that will give us an estimate of what you will receive from a deer.

The equation: (Full Weight*.7)*.45 = Weight of Lean, Boneless Venison

This equation can be worked in reverse.  It is always advisable that you weigh the deer while in a field dressed then ad 30% extra weight that caters to wastage during butchering.

For those who do not want to use this math, they are likely to end up with 45 or 65lbs of meat after cleaning.  Keep in mind that this figure can vary depending on several factors that had been mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the deer will weigh 30 to 40lbs after cleaning.


It is evident that now you can tell how much meat a deer yields.  It is advisable that you work with averages rather than using an equation that only gives you the weight of a live deer.

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