How To Clean Hunter Boots- Complete Guide

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Hunter boots brand was founded back in 1875 in Scotland. They were suitable for both urban and rural use.  These boots are strong, steady, and guarantees protection of the feet, thus allowing you to explore various landscapes and different weathers.  There is no doubt that these boots get dirty when worn during different weathers. Everyone out there would like to clean them and maintain them accordingly. This article mainly focuses on a few simple tips on how to clean hunter boots. Let these steps guide you in ultimately prolonging your HUNTER boots’ life. It’s indeed a good buy that with good cleaning methods and proper dry storage, away from extreme temperature and wet ones may serve you long-term.

Table of Contents1 Read The Following Contents Below2 What are the materials used to clean hunter boots?3 How do you clean hunter boots glossy?4 How do I Clean hunter boots that have blood stains?5 Can I clean hunter boots at home?6 How do you get scuff marks off Hunter boots?6.1 How to remove excessive dirt from the wellies6.2 How to remove scuff using water and dish soap6.3 How do you clean the zippers on my wellies?6.4 How do you maintain of Hunter wellies?6.5 How do you keep Hunter boots from cracking?6.6 How do I remove cracks on hunter boots?6.6.1 Step 16.6.2 Step 26.6.3 Step 36.6.4 Step 46.7 How do you clean the inside of hunter boots6.8 How do I clean wellies ‘blooming’?6.9 How to remove the smell from the interior of your boots6.10 How To Clean Rubber Roots6.11 What are these three ways of cleaning the Hunter boots?6.12 What are the materials needed?6.12.1 When cleaning the exterior:6.13 When cleaning the interior:6.14 Additional Tips and Advice on how to clean hunter boots6.15 Final verdict

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What are the materials used to clean hunter boots?

ConditionerMild detergentSaddle soapSoft clothsCreamHunter Instant boot shine SpongeBrush

How do you clean hunter boots glossy?

Well, hunter boots are quite expensive hence it is important to maintain their original luster as well as shine with regular cleaning.

  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water, add liquid laundry detergent, and mix well.
  • Immerse a clean hunter instant boot shine sponge in the solution.
  • Use the sponge to get rid of the grime as well as dirt off your boots.
  • The sponge should be moved in a circular pattern over the boots.
  • Rinse using clean lukewarm water, then pats the boots dry using a clean piece of cloth.

How do I Clean hunter boots that have blood stains?

Do not panic if you have blood -stains on your wellies. This is how it can be cleaned;

  1. Mix a solution of liquid soap in lukewarm water
  2. Shake well to form more suds
  3. Make sure that you only use the form alongside a clean sponge to rub the stains gently.
  4. Do not spread the stain
  5. Wipe dry using a clean piece of cloth.

How To Clean Hunter Boots

Can I clean hunter boots at home?

  • Well, hunter boots can be cleaned at home using readily available materials.
  • Improvise and assemble all the materials. We can use a clean piece of cloth instead of a sponge. We can also use a mild solution of laundry soap and lukewarm water.
  • Remove all the dirt from the sole by knocking them repeatedly.
  • Use that piece of cloth to rub over the stains.
  • Rinse and leave to dry while in an upright position.

How do you get scuff marks off Hunter boots?

How to remove excessive dirt from the wellies

First, knock the boots to get rid of the excessive dirt. Do it repeatedly to get rid of all the dirt. Take a blunt object and use it to remove the large objects.  This is an outdoor activity as it can mess the house when done inside.

How to remove scuff using water and dish soap

Mix warm water and dish soap in a ratio of 4:1 in a spray bottle. Shake it well until the mixture forms bubbles.

Spay the hunter boots using the mixture and leave them for 3 to 5 minutes. Spay the exterior as well as the sole and make sure that all the parts are sprayed. The spray should not touch the interior.

Use a clean, soft piece of rag to wipe the dirt after five minutes of waiting.  This process should be done from the top towards the sole.  The rag should be rinsed with clean water from time to time.

How do you clean the zippers on my wellies?

Keep in mind that zippers can hide some dirt hence you should pay attention to the zipper while cleaning to get rid of all the dirt.

Use a scrubbing brush to clean the dirt in the soles.  Dry the boots upright, but not under direct sunlight.

How do you maintain of Hunter wellies?

Do you know that hunter wellies were founded in Scotland? They were invented for combating unpredictable weather and were meant for rugged terrain. They have gained popularity across the world not only for their fashion but for keeping your feet dry and exciting.  These hunter wellies are likely to fall apart if not treated properly.  You can make good use of the hunter UV Tech cleaner alongside lukewarm, soapy water to clean the boots. Avoid solvents on the Wellingtons.  Make sure that you clean the zipper properly to remove all the dirt.

It is normal to see white marks on the boots, especially during hot and humid weather. Just clean the blooming using a warm damp cloth. Use Hunter UV Tech to get rid of the same.

How do you keep Hunter boots from cracking?

Did you know that Hunter wellies boots are the most popular brand of rain boots in the market?  They are available in a wide selection of styles, designs, sizes, and colors to suit your preference.  They are likely to get cracks here and there with extended wear.  This will definitely allow water to seep inside the boots and making you feel uncomfortable.  This will also reduce their usefulness.  These cracks can be repaired by filling them with waterproof glue.

How do I remove cracks on hunter boots?

Step 1

After cleaning the boots as required and well dried, wash them with a degreasing soap as well as soft cloth.  Rinse the boots thoroughly to get rid of soap residue. Dry the boot using a towel.

Step 2

Open the crack using the right material and spread a line of silicone glue inside the cracks. Press the two sides of the cracks together for a while.

Step 3

Using a clamp, hold the two cracks together.  Leave it to cure for a day.

Step 4

We can test if the cracks are well repaired or not by placing the hunter boots on a bucket of water for a while. In case the interior gets wet, then check for more leaks and cracks. Repair and repeat the procedure several to remove all the cracks.

How do you clean the inside of hunter boots

We have already learned how to clean the outside of our hunter boots. It is now time to go through its interior.  Cleaning the interior of your wellies after long use is very important. It’s a necessity for the wellies.  This process removes bad odor and restores comfort as well as a sense of belonging to the wearer.

  1. Mix similar solution of dishwashing liquid as well as hot water. We can as well use hot water alongside non-bio laundry liquid.
  2. Dip a clean rag in the solution and run it over the interior of the wellies.
  3. Repeat the process mentioned above several.
  4. Use a clean rag and water to rinse the interior of your wellies.

How do I clean wellies ‘blooming’?

Did you know that Wellington can also develop blooming? This is a white marbled pattern that gives your boots a bad look.  While this is a sign of high-quality natural rubber boots, many people do not like this whitish look.

Rub a couple of drops of olive oil into the wellies boots using a clean piece of cloth.  Only treat the affected parts before you opt for the rest of the boots.

How to remove the smell from the interior of your boots

Use a spray bottle to mist a solution of white vinegar as well as water inside the boot.   This helps in killing the odors within no time.

How To Clean Rubber Roots

What are Hunter boots made of?

Hunter boots are made up of vulcanized rubber. Similar to the material, Goodyear tires initially patented. Compared to synthetic rubber, which is used by other products, it is resistant to tears, puncturing, and cuts. It resists almost everything, except oil-based solutions, such as petroleum. Other than that, they are pretty sturdy as waterproof footwear.

An inexpensive super-thin polyester lines the interior while a buckle sits atop to help you adjust the boot’s hold on your calf.

Its treaded sole is anti-slip with decent grip strength. Resting on around an inch to two-and-a-half cm. of a heel, it allows the wearer to tread comfortably even during the strongest of monsoons.

What are these three ways of cleaning the Hunter boots?

Now that we know what the boots are made up of, it makes more sense to consider the entire boot and not just the exterior. Here are 3 ways of effectively cleaning your Hunter boots:

  • Cleaning the exterior.
  • Cleaning the interior.
  • Getting rid of the bloom.

Whether you use it all the time or it is in storage, your Hunter rubber boots will more likely be coated by a white powdery sheath called the “bloom.” As explained earlier, Hunter boots are made of quality rubber material. Since rubber is a natural product, some conditions trigger insoluble particles to rise on its surface. It is a characteristic of high quality, natural rubber.

What are the materials needed?

Consider the entire list if you’re doing a thorough cleaning. But if you have to do only one or two of the three, approach this list at your discretion.

  • 1. dry and clean washcloths which may be cotton or microfiber, preferably the absorbent kind.
  • cleansing agent (1 tbsp olive oil in a small bowl. Hunter also offers a mixture of their own that you can buy)
  • Hunter boot shine sponge
  • A spray bottle for the mixture of warm water and dish soap with a 1L:1 tsp ratio.
  • Scrub brush for shoes
  • Vinegar
  • Newspaper or Paper towel
  • Baking Soda
  • Olive oil
  • Small bowl, preferably not the one you use in the kitchen

How do we clean Hunter boots:

When cleaning the exterior:

  • Remove excess dirt, debris, and mud.
  • Since it resists many cuts and punctures, Hunter boots are used for a wide array of purposes. This includes gardening, fishing, hunting, shooting, and several outdoor activities, which makes it prone to be soiled of mud, weeds, and dirt.
  • Doing this step outdoors is advised. Knock the boots together in a careful manner to let dirt, stuck mud, and dried debris fall off.
  • Spray the mixture of water and dish soap on the exterior of the hunter boots.
  • Shake the spray bottle well before spraying. Spray it on the boot’s surface and let it on for 3 minutes. Spare the boots’ interior of the solution.
  • If you want to save water by using a basin, let the hole where you insert your leg stay afloat. Submerge only until the very top to keep the interior dry.
  • Dry it up.
  • Depending on how dirty your boots are, take your time in washing them up. Let it dry around 2-3 minutes afterward. Wipe it dry using another washcloth following a downward motion starting from the top of the boots down to the soles. Use a different side of the washcloth for each part to keep the cleaned parts from getting soiled again.
  • Double-check the boots for remaining debris.
  • Brush off that stubborn debris, most notably at the soles.
  • Air-dry.
  • Once you’re satisfied, give your boots a final wipe and let it air-dry under a shade or within your patio. Do not let it rest to direct sunlight to prevent damage on your rubber. The same rule applies when using the blow dryer.

When cleaning the interior:

  • Wear socks when wearing your boots at all times.
  • This helps your boots’ interior to be prevented from moist and odour from within. It will also keep the interior clean in time. Do not leave wet socks inside to avoid mildew.
  • Put a paper towel or newspaper if the interior gets wet on the inside.
  • Has the interior absorbed water by putting absorbent material inside? In this case, you may recycle by using the newspaper. If there’s only a paper towel available, it’s good too. After a few hours, remove it then allow it to air dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Dilute vinegar and have the interior sprayed of it for odour removal.
  • Spritz the whole interior of both boots from the top opening down to where toes rest of diluted vinegar. Mop excess liquid with a paper towel afterward. Remove as much liquid as possible then leave the boots for 24-48 hours inside a cool place. Know that the smell of vinegar disappears once it dries, so you need not worry about that. Just repeat the process, but this time, make sure you have dried it off the entire liquid.
  • Sprinkle 2-3 tsp. of baking soda to each boot.
  • This is equivalent to 14-21 grams. Spread it evenly from toe to heel to absorb moisture and awful smell or any kind of odour for that matter. Let it rest overnight. Shake off excess powder once you’re ready to enjoy your fresh boots the next day. Do this as regularly as necessary.How do you get rid of the bloom?
  • Now this one is pretty easy. Remember how rubber boots are not resistant to oily substances? So don’t use petroleum to get rid of this. However, the most advised affordable alternative is olive oil.
  • Though the Hunter boots company has its own cleansing kit, you may also use olive oil. Prepare roughly a tablespoon of olive oil in a small bowl.
  • Dip a portion of the washcloth into the oil then slowly rub the boots with it. No particular motion is advisable, so whatever you deem workable, do that. You will instantly notice the change.
  • Wipe away excess oil while you are convinced of the white bloom clearance. You might be surprised that this will take you only seconds.
  • Let it dry once again in the shade, then just enjoy your shiny new HUNTER boots.

Additional Tips and Advice on how to clean hunter boots

  • Let the boots dry properly in between wearings.
  • Use odor absorbers such as activated charcoal, plain papers, and newspapers.
  • Use Sof-Sole to make a shoe spray and use it to remove odors from snow boots.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on your boots and seal them using a plastic bag to get ridof odors.
  • Freeze the inserts to kill odor

Final verdict

Go through the points mentioned above and enjoy the benefit. We have highlighted basic procedures that will help you keep your hunter boots clean and dirt-free. There is no doubt that the above-discussed procedures are simple and on point. This will help you clean your boots smoothly and cost-effectively. 

Knowing the steps on how to clean your Hunter boots is important, but maintaining it that way may be a challenge. Considering its interior and not only the outer appearance, cleaning it is a process that may be approached in several ways. The aim is to make it look as good as new.

In order to keep it in its best shape until its life span of 2-3 years, this guide will walk you to the three ways of cleaning your Hunter boots. But first, let’s understand what material these rain boots are made of.

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